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If chance has it that you log on this web site, welcome! In the “labrocdegil”


Over 1000 used technical documentations in French, always in space.


Delivery throughout the world              Paypal payment.             


Y need hardly point out that this web site’s pages haven’t been translated for good and all !

In the event that you are interested in a documentation, keepin mind to use the module to reach me.

Please give me information such as “which documentation?” and the country of the request.


Photos and price pores will be email you  by one day.

Mail to                                      or                 Contact module at the foot of the site.


Automotive technical magazine from 1960 to 2005         


Automotive technical magazine from 1930 to 1960       


Automotive technical  magazine “ Expert automobile”        


Automotive technical magazine  “HAYNES”


Vintage and new trucks technical magazine


Car parts catalog (P R) and car manual reparation (M R) supplied from the manufacturer.

Operating instructions book, users guide, routine maintenance manual.

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